What is Neuroflexology?

Neuroflexology is a touch therapy that switches on the body’s own healing mechanism. It works directly on the nerves of the hands or feet to trigger the body’s innate healing response to injuries both current and past.

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What are the benefits of treatment?

The therapy easily unmasks old injuries so that they can present themselves for in depth healing. Because the relevant nerves can be accessed through the hands or feet, treatment can occur with no special equipment or the need for a room away from it all. This makes it especially useful for treating workplace injuries such as RSI, Carpel Tunnel syndrome, stiff necks, rotator cuff injuries and sore backs, as the recipient can be treated at their workstation.

How does it work?

The therapist will work directly upon certain nerves found in both the hands and the feet using a light touch. After each nerve has been stimulated, the recipient will need to “listen” to their body and report what they experience. The responses differ from person to person and are usually very subtle in nature varying from a sense of tingling; tweaks; feelings of warmth spreading across the body to something as gentle as a tummy rumble or an itch. These responses indicate that the brain is checking nerve reactions and prompting itself to set the healing mechanism going.

Is there an example of how this has helped someone?

SB presented for treatment with a case history of an old whiplash injury that was 10 years old. The old injury had not troubled him in years. SB had 6 treatments which he took weekly. Approximately 2 months after treatment had finished, he again presented himself at the clinic with an unexplained shoulder injury; he just woke up one morning with the shoulder hurting. One more treatment cleared this old injury overnight. One point that needs to be understood here is that the body often holds a “memory” of old injuries and even if they cause no current problem, they often rear their head later in life causing problems when you are less able to deal with them.

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