28 06, 2016

5 Foods that help you beat stress

When you start to feel stressed, it’s so easy to try and eat it away.  But stop and think for a moment.  All that delicious stressie food, like chocolate and ice cream, does not really help you cope.  It just serves as a temporary fix and helps to prove that other adage – a moment [...]

28 04, 2016

4 Things you can do about stress

Stress is not the easiest thing to deal with in your life but with a little creative thinking, you can ease the pressure on yourself. Avoid the situation or person giving you grief If talking about the issue does not reduce the stress you feel, then it may help you to avoid the situation or [...]

28 04, 2016

Stress warning signs

The warning signs of stress The first signs of stress tend to show themselves as mental and emotional signs such as moodiness resulting in feeling irritable or being short tempered. Left unchecked, you can become agitated with and inability to relax. You might find that you cannot concentrate as normal, that you make some poor [...]

28 04, 2016


Stress in the workplace Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life. In moderation it has a good effect, helping you to think more clearly and react more speedily to situations as they arise. However, long-term stress becomes negative and is counter-productive when you continually face stressful situations without relief or a relaxation between stressful [...]

28 04, 2016

Back pain

Your back is your main frame. From it, everything to do with your body depends upon it being and remaining in good shape.  Therefore you should Exercise it.  It needn't be drastic exercise but it should be daily.  Walking or swimming are great ways to exercise your back. When lifting bend at your knees [...]

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