Your back is your main frame. From it, everything to do with your body depends upon it being and remaining in good shape.  Therefore you should

  1. Exercise it.  It needn’t be drastic exercise but it should be daily.  Walking or swimming are great ways to exercise your back.
  2. When lifting bend at your knees or hips and not your back.
  3. Never ever twist AND bend at the same time.  It’s a recipe for disaster.
  4. When carrying objects always keep them close to your body.  It helps to avoid that twist and bend scenario at No.3
  5. Carry larger objects in a bag such as a rucksack. A rucksack spreads the load across your back and shoulders
  6. When seated, use a chair with a back rest
  7. No Slumping, No slouching and no hunched shoulders
  8. Roll your shoulders every hour or so.
  9. Lift and drop your shoulders in a shrug to loosen the muscles
  10. Roll your head in a circle round your shoulders

Be good to your back and it will last you your whole lifetime.  Listen to it when it aches.  Give it the necessary time to repair itself when it needs it.  Give it some TLC (tender loving care) every so often and treat it to a massage or an Indian Head massage.

One thing to remember when carrying loads on your back, the load may not be physical but psychological.  For instance, if you find that you are under stress for any length of time, you will find that your back will knot up and become stiff and less flexible.  This is when it is really important to relax your back.