Stress is not the easiest thing to deal with in your life but with a little creative thinking, you can ease the pressure on yourself.

Avoid the situation or person giving you grief

If talking about the issue does not reduce the stress you feel, then it may help you to avoid the situation or person that is causing the stress

Adapt yourself to the situation

Put the situation into perspective; is it really worth getting upset about it? Is there anything you can do to change it? If you cannot answer yes to that then try putting your energy into another area of your life.

Adjust what you can

Having avoided the situation as best you can; having adapted your thought process to deal with it, can you adjust the problem in some way? If there is any part of the problem that is within your control, then for the sake of your sanity, control the parts that you can. A difficult lesson we may have to learn is how to say no nicely but firmly. If you’re asking for a change in behaviour from someone then be prepared to change your own behaviour.  If the problem is rigid and not in your power to control then you need to find some way to safely express your frustrations.  Exercise is a good and safe response to help you deal with the stress.

Accept it

Sometimes you just have to accept the situation, but that doesn’t mean caving into the pressure.  You still have a life you need to lead so learn to relax. Learning to meditate and learning yoga are 2 very good skills that teach you how to relax.  If learning something new sounds like hard work to you when you’re already stressed. Then get relaxed by taking a weekly therapy like Indian Head Massage or Reflexology or whatever your favourite therapy is.  You can also make one day a week a mandatory fun day.  Now each person’s idea of fun differs from someone else’s idea of fun but the most important part of the fun day is to involve others of the friendly variety. Most importantly, the fun must put a smile on your face at the very least.  If you can smuggle in a belly laugh or two, that would be even better.