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Health and Wellbeing Therapies is an experienced therapy company based in Hastings. You can visit my clinic in the Ore Community Centre, 455, Old London Road; Book a mobile visit to your home; or book an onsite visit to your place of work. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Our extensive range of services

Reflexology (ITEC)

Reflexology is more than simple foot massage. It treats the entire body through applying pressure to the reflexes of the feet.


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Reiki is a Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also strongly promotes healing by flooding the body with Reiki energy.

Indian Head Massage

ndian Head Massage has been performed in India for over 1000 years. It works on areas affected by stress.

Indian Head Massage

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Balance Procedure

As an adult you may be surprised to learn that most of our conditioning is learnt between the ages of 0 and 7 years of age.

Balance Procedure

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Neuroflexology is a touch therapy that switches on the body’s own healing mechanism.


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Corporate contracts

Stress is the No1 cause of employee sick leave. Stress wears down the body causing the body’s immune system to weaken.

Corporate contracts

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Onsite therapies for people in work

Improved my walking
Company: Marie Dove’s Fit Club

I write to thank you for your recent visits to my Fit Club classes. My members were very interested to hear about what you do and very pleased to have you as our guest speaker. You did the Balance Procedure with them which was very effective and interactive as you had them airing up and doing it with each other.

Following your visit and a conversation with one of the ladies, she referred her husband to you who came for a treatment just 2 days later. He had this to say-

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Tessa, I am currently awaiting surgery on my spine but decided to give Tessa a try on my wife’s recommendation. Tessa has definitely improved my walking and my wife says I am standing taller and looking better. I am still due to have surgery but would highly recommend Tessa, Thanks once again – Bob

Kind Regards


Moving Reiki Experience
Company: Claude Computing

I am writing to thank you for an emotional and moving Reiki Experience.

I am unable to explain what happened or how it worked, but I do know that what you felt and said has completely changed the way I approach life, relationships and the business.


It will be my pleasure to recommend and promote your services to my contacts

Yours Sincerely


Help in one session
Company: Knight Accountants Chartered Certified Accountants

My Dad fell from a scaffold just before Christmas last year and tore his shoulder muscles. He was in a lot of pain. Obviously, as a scaffolder this was affecting his work. He is very much an old fashioned man and refused to see a doctor. He just took pain killers to help with the pain.

Following a one to one with Tessa, I urged my Dad to go along and see if she could help. He reluctantly agreed, as he does not believe in complementary therapies. Following just one session, his shoulder is no longer giving him any problem and he has been singing Tessa’s praises.

I will not hesitate to recommend Tess to all of my friends and family in the future.

Thank you
Kind Regards

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